• Comply fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulati

  • Staying up to date with complying with international environmental textile laws and regulations.

  • Ensure all key environmental impacts are identified and managed in a responsible manner;

  • Use all resources, including electricity, water, and other natural resources efficiently and conservatively;

  • Continuously improve our environmental performance;

  • Monitor and report the environmental performance of our manufacturing and daily operations;

  • Provide training and resources necessary to meet our environmental responsibilities;

  • Encourage our suppliers and contractors to make the same level of commitment to environmental protection.


Every year, Sunoco participates in textile exhibitions in different countries. These events give us an opportunity to meet next generation designers worldwide. We believe sharing information and resources helps young designers better understand the embroidery production process. As such, Sunoco has been undertaking sponsorship and getting involved with various educational initiatives and design contests to provide young designer with access to professional embroidery digitizing support and sampling services. Educating and supporting our youth is part of our commitment in investing in the future of textile.

  • Sponsorship Highlight

    Name: Yu Chung Hei, Fish

    Event: Hong Kong Young Designer Competition 2021

    Sponsorship details: Digitalizing and embroidery sampling service